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July 14, 2004



I must say that the evidence sattes 3 of the winners at the PUA world summit were likely gay. Did you guys watch the awards online? OMG I honestly am with Ross here. WE AWARDED BEST PUA to 3 GAY GUYS.Some guys are suppressing their homosexuality STRONGLY by being PUA. It's the perfect hiding place. The greatest, strongest closet. How can you be gay if you are selling products and techniques proven to work for straight reasons? BULLSHIT! The only thing proven is the techniques get you on a fucking stage to tout your products and sell to guys who don't know they are being taught to hook up with women by a gay guy. THAT IS FRAUD IN IT'S HIGHEST SENSE in pick up!!! They are so fraudulent, they are defrauding themselves into thinking they are PUAs for straight women. There is so much proof these guys are hiding behind the business of PUA to hide their true desires. Isn't the community about being your best self? Then if you are gay be your best GAY self and stop teaching guys tactics that don't fucking work! Haven't you seen the movie American beauty? The gay marine dude had to shoot the straight dude for finding out he was gay! (Ooops spoiler). The community is rampant with these gay guys trying to be the ultimate straight dude in compensation. THIS IS NOT YOUR BEST SELF, and LEARNING FROM ANYONE GAY IS FALSE LEARNING IN PICK UP. Why is Mehow's best pick up line, Woo hoo! COMe ON! Can DJ FUJI please clarify? Or Hypnotica? To me it sounds like he has ASSFUCKED these guys financially already! I am sick and tired of these gurus, and the guys like Johnny Wolf who award bullshit awards. Gay guys are popular, and that's why they win the awards. At least Ross is straight enough to tell it straight. And all you assholes telling him he is wrong for his methods. YOU ARE WRONG FOR NOT OUSTING THESE GAY GUYS OUT OF THE COMMUNITY LIKE HE IS. I love gay people. I love them even more when they come out and are HONEST with who they are. Ross is doing the community a huge favor. He is not being homohateful. He is just hateful of FRAUD AND ABUSE of good guys and their money by and fraud in the community. Gay guys pretending to be PUA is huge fraud.


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