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October 11, 2004



So wait, a product that took 82% of the US retail hard drive-based digital music player market in August shouldn't have technology named after it?

Its share of the overall digital music player market is fractionally under 42%. That's huge, a lot more than TiVo which has already become a verb in consumer language ("I TiVo'd The Apprentice last night"). Podcasting is essentially Audio-TiVo, and the only *real* device that has the significant amount of diskspace required to truly be an Audio-TiVo is the iPod. Period. The iPod has a booming aftermarket that is growing at an astounding pace - why not ride it's coattales?

Anything with a 42% marketshare, that level of cult following, a booming aftermarket - oh, right and the diskspace - is bound to have a great technology such as Podcasting named after it.

Is it forward thinking? Maybe not. Maybe the iPod won't last FOREVER - but then, neither will Podcasting.


I use Tivo to Go to take movies and tv with me on the latpop. The quality is excellent and the latpop power usage is much less than with a DVD.I've used Sony's version of this proposal for PSP and Ipod (oh, they've had a version for >2 years) which is Sony Desktop PC with their TV Tuner and media center like software (non standard of course) which can make movies playable on the Sony Clie (palm os).That is fun, but a little small the Ipod will be smaller still. The PSP sounds like a great format for this .


Wow I must confess you make some very trnceahnt points.

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